Erstfeld Depot

Made a start on the Erstfeld Depot. Decided to use real world photos and map these using NanoCad. I’ve then taken the NanoCad DXF file and imported to Silhoutte Studio and use the Portrait printer to cut .25 and .5mm styrene sheet. I’ve laminated 2x.5mm and 1x.25mm sheets together. Results below:

Erstfeld Depot


Will look at creating the opposite side tomorrow. Also thinking to have 5 large windows and use small styrene strips to seperate – Had a few issues with the thicker styrene splitting .


Re-worked the sides and included the butresses in to the same cutting sheet to save on styrene.

NanoCAD designs below for the front

Sides with butresses

Revised side walls – based on the design and cut above

Erstfeld Depot Side Wall


Now added the roof and also cut the window frames. Frames will be fitted in the next few days. Will then focus on the front section and doors


I wasn’t happy with the results of the original depot. I didn’t engrave the windows and fitting thin frames afterwards proved too difficult. I also felt the scale was wrong and the depot was too long.

So – I’ve bitten the bullet and built version 2. The length has been reduced from 250mm to 200mm, the side windows have been dropped 5mm to have a 5mm gap at the base and 10mm gap at the top. see the results for yourself.

Windows printing on Silhouette Portrait

Windows brushed with mix of grey, white and ocre acrylics, the idea being to get the paint into the scoring created by the printer

Revised front with the engraved windows – vast improvement on the original version

Testing the revised front against the original building – looks good!!

Holding it all together whilst drying

Version 2 complete – minus root, internals, far side external butresses and doors!

October 2017:

I was not happy with this version of the depot – mainly the windows and interior colour – so I started again!


I would highly recommend the Noch roof slates and tiles, which I’ve used below. Be careful with the slates on the adhesive background. I learnt from mistakes, adhere slowly to avoid air bubbles and once fitted it is not coming off………

Only remaining tasks are to add the front and read doors, along with theh pillars at the rear section and the front roof section. I had to reduce the rear section due to size restrictions. I am in two minds whether to create automated doors or have permenently opened……..Watch this space!!

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